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Special edition 

At the moment we are organizing a special issue with the title Applications of Data Analytics for Digital Society to be published by Frontiers. This is a joint project with Matthias Dehmer, Olli Yli-Harja and Mika Pantzar.

We are experiencing an unprecedented digital revolution. Enabled by technological progress in information technologies, the World-Wide-Web (WWW) has become an integral part of our social and professional life. For instance, we read about news and politics in online journals or newspapers, we order products from trading or auctioning platforms, we obtain information from Wikipedia, search engines, or finance platforms, and we share our views and opinions on social media. All this leads to the beginning of a global digital society which will shape our future considerably. 

Despite the pervasiveness of the WWW, our knowledge of it is astonishingly limited. One reason for this lack is that a systematic analysis of any research question requires advanced data analytics methods for text, image, video, or audio data. Since the field of data science is just emerging, such advanced data analytic methods are still in their infancy. Specific problems in this context are web scraping methods for automatically extracting web data, predictive methods utilizing social media for business or health, identification of 'fake news', and integration of different data sources and visualization techniques for harnessing the complexity of big data.

The purpose of our Research Topic 'Applications of Data Analytics for Digital Society' is to bring together researchers interested in this interdisciplinary field to share information about recent progress and persistent challenges. We are particularly interested in welcoming contributions that explore any of the following research areas (but we are not limited to):
- social network analysis
- analysis of online journals and magazines
- analysis of trading and auctioning platforms and online marketplaces
- social media for marketing
- business analytics for social media
- web content mining
- text analytics
- natural language processing
- web scraping methods
- web visualization methods 

Publication fees
Type A articles such as Original Research or Review receive a 15% discount when submitted to a Research Topic. In addition, every author who does not have a research grant or an institution that covers open-access fees can apply for a full or partial waiver at Frontiers by filling in this form. This should be done prior to or immediately after submission, and you should hear back from our Accounting Office within 10 days. For more information contact Stefanie Strebel, PhD, Journal Development Specialist.



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