On this page you find information about lectures we are offering. In addition, we provide information about the preparation of MSc/BSc thesis and PhD thesis.  

Computational Diagnostics of Data - DATA.ML.390 

The lecture Computational Diagnostics of Data is a 5 cr course offered at Tampere University (MSc level). 

After completing the course, the student gained a basic understanding of the definition and the meaning of computational diagnostics and its utility for biomedical research. Case studies will be discussed illustrating the interplay between computational and statistical methods that are applied to large-scale and high-dimensional data sets from various experiments. Moreover, the student will learn how to practically approach such problems by using the statistical programming language R. In general, the course teaches statistical thinking in the context of biomedical problems, i.e., the adaptation of machine learning methods in a problem specific manner.      

The name of the course emphasizes that adopting a mechanistic or cookbook-type approach to data science is destined to be unsuccessful, underscoring the necessity for active involvement and critical thinking from the analyst. The overall goal of the course is to learn statistical thinking.

The textbook of the course is: Elements of Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence Using R

Master thesis

We provide interesting projects for students to perpare a Master (MSc) thesis (or BSc thesis). Below we list some publications that resulted from MSc  projects.

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